Reindeer Light Tones

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Imported from Finland, these reindeer skins are of the highest quality. They are for those who like something a little more unusual, without being visually exotic. Sustainably sourced, they are a natural product which will incur some slight variations in colour, shape and size. This version features crisp light grey tones with a slight silvery sheen.
90 x 120cm
Easy care - vacuum only
100% natural



Polo  Pillow

Polo Pillow


Patch  Armchair

Patch Armchair


Paver  Table

Paver Table


Paver  Bench Seat

Paver Bench Seat


Posturezone Mattress Single

Posturezone Mattress Single


Mongolian Sheep  Grey

Mongolian Sheep Grey


Sheep  Skin White

Sheep Skin White


Spanish  Mountain Goat copper

Spanish Mountain Goat copper


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